Hi, My name is Tenika, here at Tech Neek Cosmetic Tattooing I pride myself on creating subtle, yet noticeable results restoring your confidence whether it be on the inside or the outside. With a very detailed consultation at time of booking, we set goals and work out what is realistic and achievable. By balancing shape or colour corrections from previous technicians, fixing symmetry, scar camouflage, I can help you regain what it is you feel you may be missing!!



About ME

I had never heard of “Microblading” and it wasn’t until I researched and got my own Eyebrows done that a fire lit inside me about a possible career path. I felt very nervous sitting in the chair about to get “my face tattooed’ and although I knew my Technician was capable, it was still nerve wrecking. My aim is to ensure my client’s nerves are at ease the best they can be, and to get optimal results and informing them of what is realistic. I have done extensive training through the Melbourne College Of Cosmetic Tattooing, and HIGHLY recommend anybody who wishes to take this as a career path, reach out to Kelly, you are in the best of hands there. I am a mum of two precious girls, stepmum of a beautiful boy, and a loving fiance. Just trying to make each day count.


BROWS - Microblading, Combo, Machine Powdered)

EYES - Eyelash Enhancement or Eyeliner, Extensions

LIPS - Lip Liner, Lip Line & Blend, Full Lip Colour

PARAMEDICAL - Areola/Scar Camouflage

And another new service COMING SOON!!