Using a Microblade handtool, we mimic the natural hair growth of the eyebrow (even if there is no hair at all to work with) resulting in a very realistic, natural looking eyebrow. Microblading is a minimum two part process. With an initial appointment, then compulsory secondary appointment at 6-8 weeks to reinforce the strokes and bed in pigment where bleeding may of pushed initial strokes out.

PowderED MACHINE brows

The powder finish brow is a more solid brow, can be dense and sharp throughout, or gradually softening throughout the middle and front of brow. Gives an “eyebrow penciled” on look.

Combo Brows

Combination of both hairstrokes using a Microblade at the front and middle of brow then incorporating the tattoo machine or handtool to shade throughout the brow and building desired density at tail. Great technique.

Eyeliner/classic/ winged/bold

This procedure involves inserting colour into the lashline and above the lash line. It can be thick or thin and can be shaped to best enhance your features.

Lash Enhancement

In this procedure we implant pigment into the lashline. This is a very natural look and makes the eyelashes appear thicker. Great for all ages.


The Lips are outlined along with colour blended into the lips to give a softer looking, or a bold enhancement - depending your desire.



Creating Lashes that are classic and natural looking.

 Time Frame

All procedures differ however allocate 2-3 hours maximum which is an over estimate but includes consultation,topical anaesthetic time, mapping (drawing template),procedure -along with aftercare advice and booking of any required follow up/colour boost appointments.